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History and milestone

Buffalo Biotech 是一家臨床前階段公司,為急性呼吸窘迫綜合徵 (ARDS) 提供新型肺灌洗療法(“Vigor 解決方案”)。 Buffalo Biotech 率先開發出獨特的物理治療方法來克服 ARDS 的無藥物治療問題。 「活力溶液」利用非特異性吸附方法,有效減少肺部細胞因子。通過小型豬肺部沖洗對“Vigor 溶液”進行的安全性評估(Vigor 給藥後 168 天)表明“Vigor 溶液”是無害的。嚴重 ARDS 動物研究表明,PMNL 浸潤減少 25%,肺泡內水腫減少 25%,死亡率減少 50%。我們正在尋求資金,以支持我們與醫生合作,通過富有同情心的方式治療 ARDS 患者。 “Vigor解決方案”不僅可以用於典型的ARDS,還可以用於COVID-19 ARDS。


Start-up company. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Buffalo biomedical technology co. Ltd. established to develop novel treatments for acute respiratory distress (ARDS) caused by COVID-19 induced cytokine storm.


VIGOR lung solution idea was proof of concept.

The safety andEfficacy animal study demonstrate VIGOR lung solution is safety and efficitaly to treat LPS induced acute lung injury in SD-rats.

Application PCT patent.

First GMP like batch.


Class III medical device (Taiwan)

Three kinds of animal trials demonstrate harmless and efficiency(therapeutic efficacy test, subacute systemic toxicity assessment, and long-term minipig biocompatibility study)


Compassionate use(in progress)

3 GMP manafacture batches 


ISO 10993 and QMS license
IDE approval
Phase I/IIa Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of Vigor Solution in Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (12 patients)


Phase II Study (Site: Taiwan, US or AU)


Product launch in TW

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